• June 10-12, 2020

    Bukavu, DR Congo



    DRC’s Annual Coffee Value Chain Conference & Cupping Competition

  • About

    Now in our sixth year, Saveur du Kivu is a celebration of the reemergence of coffee in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As the specialty coffee cupping competition and annual meeting for representatives throughout the international supply chain, this event supports the construction of DRC’s specialty coffee industry, producing some of the world's finest Arabica coffee. The development of the specialty coffee industry in DRC is playing a crucial role in increasing economic stability and peace in the fertile highlands of eastern Congo.

    In June each year, the annual Saveur du Kivu takes place with great Congolese and international fanfare in Bukavu, DRC. A cupping competition, supply chain workshops, and producer forum will take place with representatives from grower organizations, government, international NGOs, and buyers, with the objective of supporting the reemergence of a sustainable specialty coffee industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


    Highlights include:

    Specialty Coffee Cupping Competition utilizing the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) global standards, which assure compliance to an objective, calibrated, and consistent system to grade and evaluate coffees. Coffee growing organizations throughout the DRC, who meet specialty coffee standards, are invited to submit samples.

    Workshops and Interactive Panel Discussions with representatives from grower organizations, government, international NGOs, and buyers celebrating the progress of the specialty coffee sector and addressing key challenges in the continued development of the industry.


    Social Inclusion and Small Scale Grower Focus as a means to provide peace and prosperity in a region with huge growth potential for the production of high quality Arabica coffees.


    Betting Bangladesh 1xBet Collaboration across the supply chain is key in the DRC.


    The reemergence of the specialty coffee industry with gender equality and support for small scale farmers as central strategies for success is proving to be a viable approach for peace in the region.

  • Participate

    - Attend the event

    - Sponsor or lead a workshop

    -Fund travel for Congolese producers

    -Make a commitment to buy coffee from Congolese producers

    -Serve on an organizing committee

    - stay informed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @saveurdukivu

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  • Sponsorship

    Thanks to your support, Saveur du Kivu will be able to deepen its impact

    across the supply chain in 2020.


    Sponsors will receive the following benefits:


    Logo placement on t-shirts provided to all supply chain participants

    at Saveur du Kivu

    Logo and web link placement on all websites associated with the event

    until 2020 event

    Logo placement in the printed event program

    Sponsors thanked individually in Saveur du Kivu Twitter posts

    four times leading up to event

    Sponsors thanked from the stage at Saveur du Kivu

    Sponsors retain right of first refusal to sponsor future events

    Sponsors receive exclusive photos and updates on gender equality projects funded via your support



  • Logistics and Travel Information

    Saveur du Kivu: June 10-12, 2020

    Agenda:To be announced


    How to get there:

    Two principal transportation options for arriving in Bukavu are:


    -Flying into Kigali, Rwanda, driving to Goma, DRC and then taking a boat from Goma to Bukavu.

    -Flying to Kamembe Airport in Rwanda, which is approximately a 10 minute cab ride from the DRC border at Bukavu.



    To receive the invitation letter necessary to request your DRC visa, please send a copy of your passport and the following information to [email protected] by May 1, 2020:


    - Name as it appears on passport

    - Date of birth
    - Current address
    - Date and address of passport delivery
    - Passport expiration date
    - Your professional work
    - Marital status


    Please note you will need a Yellow Fever vaccination card in order to enter the country.

  • Attendee Travel Details

    Please send us your travel dates and flight information so we can plan accordingly.
    Thank you for your attendance and support.

  • Information for Saveur du Kivu Attendees

    This international event continues to be a wonderful celebration of the reemergence of the DRC’s specialty coffee sector, and one which is increasing in scale and importance every year. To help you complete your final travel planning, we’ve included pertinent details and information below. If you have any additional questions or require additional planning assistance, please let us know. Thank you again for your support of this great international coffee community event. See you in Bukavu!

    - Saveur du Kivu Organizing Team


    • Passports More than one passport is not allowed in the DRC. Should you have a double nationality, only use the Passport that contains your valid visa. Please make a certified copy of your passport and the visa page, and keep them secure and separate actual passport. You should carry your passport on your person at all times. 
    • Yellow Card Ensure that you have a valid yellow card with current  inoculations against yellow fever and Tetanus as a minimum. You  can expect to be called into the Health office on arrival where they will take you temperature, write your details into a register and check the validity of your yellow card. 
    • The weather in  Bukavu during Saveur du Kivu will likely be in the mid-20c’s (75-80f) but may drop down near 10c (50f) at night. Additionally, while no rain is foretasted, please be prepared for unexpected showers throughout your stay. 
    • Electricity, where available, is 220V, socket types C, D and E. Language Most of the people speak French and Swahili. Not everyone in Bukavu speaks English, although it is increasing in popularity.

    Location, Lodging & Transportation


    • The majority of Saveur du Kivu will take place at the Office of National Coffee in Bukavu. Additional address details for special meals, farm visits and other cultural experiences will be provided during the conference.
    • Lodging will be arranged for SdK attendees.
    • Transportation during SdK, including to and from the Office of National Coffee-Bukavu, to group meals and to farm visits, will be provided.
    • Motorbikes are used as a form of public transport and are called Boda Boda (Border to Border). The use of these motorbikes are common but is not advised during the night. It is also advised to travel with a friend on another motorbike.
    • All official motorbikes and drivers are identified with a number on the helmet and on the driver's vest. Do not take an unidentified motorbike, and memorize the number on the helmet of the driver.
    • Using local taxi minibuses is not advised.
    • Walking on foot in town can be done during the day. There are, however, many street children and beggars that will ask for money in an assertive way.
    • Always protect your personal belongings and be aware what is going on around you. Sometimes it is advisable to walk into any shop, office or restaurant when harassed.


    • Consult the CDC website for the Democratic Republic of the Congo prior to travel.

    • Medical facilities are severely limited. Medicines are in short supply. Carry prescription medication in original packaging, along with your doctor’s prescription.

    • Use mosquito repellents containing at least 20 percent DEET, and sleep under insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets.

    • Malaria chemoprophylaxis is strongly recommended prior to arriving in the DRC and for the duration of your stay.

    • Be sure to get a reasonable amount of sleep before your trip so you do not get a tired start.

    • Please remember that you do not have to attend all planned events. If you are exhausted, you can stay in bed and rest for an afternoon.

    • The most common afflictions for visitors are mild diarrhea and sunstroke. To prevent diarrhea, drink only purified water and do not eat raw vegetables and fruits unless you have washed or peeled them yourself.

    • Also, make sure you bring sunscreen to protect yourself, and drink plenty of nonalcoholic beverages during the trip. Municipal tap water is not drinkable unless filtered and treated. It is advised to drink bottled water.

    • According to the World Health Organization, a small handful of cases of Ebola have been “reported in a remote and hard to reach area and appears to be geographically relatively limited.” Further, “WHO does not recommend any restriction of travel and trade to DRC based on the currently available information.” These isolated cases have occurred more than 1500km from Bukavu, where Saveur du Kivu will be taking place. Our team of international organizers has and continues to closely monitor the situation.

    • Primary Bukavu Medical Facility: Clinique Saint Luc De Bukavu Avenue des Martrys n2/06 , Commune d’ Ibanda, , Ville De Bukavu , Bukavu Tel:+243 992 120 761



    • The Saveur du Kivu organizing team has arranged for private security during all events.

    • Passport and other travel documents Telephone Water in order to sustain you for one day Money and other valuables of Money Currently the exchange rate for Congolese Francs to Dollars is around 1,400CDF to $1USD, however many vendors and businesses exclusively accept printed US currency. We recommend that smaller denominations be carried separately for daily use and exchange purposes. $5, $10, $20 and $50 notes are recommended. $100 bills before 2006 are not accepted, therefore smaller denominations are preferred.

    • A money belt is recommended.

    • Money can be changed in all the banks as well as on the street. There are ATM machines in town that excepts Visa and Master cards. It is advised to draw money from these machines during daytime only.

    • Please note the high number of NGOs in the region has led to a spike in the cost of living.

    • Carry color photocopies of your passport and other identity documents to give to security or police officials.

    • Avoid walking alone, especially after dark, and displaying cash and valuable personal property.

    • Be vigilant, particularly on public transportation, in traffic jams, and areas surrounding hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, and nightclubs. It is best to drive with doors locked and windows closed.

    • Hanging out of the window taking pictures with a camera or cell phone is a risk.

    • Carrying a small bag with a few items in case of any emergency is essential and must be kept with you at all times. This bag should contain, as a minimum, the following:

      • Passport and other travel documents

      • Telephone

      • Water in order to sustain you for one day

      • Money and other valuables

  • Congo Coffee Atlas

    Tool for tracing Congolese coffee in Eastern DRC


    Saveur du Kivu 2020


    Grande célébration de la réémergence du secteur du café de spécialité
    de la RDC avec un concours de dégustation, des ateliers sur la chaîne
    de valeur du café de la RDC et des visites des champs et plantations
    de café.

    Ceci aura lieu à Bukavu, République démocratique du Congo
    Du 10 au 12 Juin 2020

    A Propos de Saveur du Kivu



    A propos de Saveur du Kivu


    Saveur du Kivu est une grande célébration de la réémergence du café spécialité en République démocratique du Congo. En tant que concours spécial de dégustation du café et réunion annuelle pour les représentants de la chaîne de valeur internationale, cet événement soutient la construction de l'industrie du café de spécialité en RDC, produisant l’un de meilleurs café Arabica du monde. Le développement de l'industrie du café de spécialité en RDC joue un rôle crucial dans

    l'accroissement de la stabilité économique et de la paix dans les hauts plateaux fertiles de l'est du Congo.


    Les 10 et 12 Juin 2020, le 3e événement annuel Saveur du Kivu se déroulera avec une grande fanfare congolaise et internationale à Bukavu, en RDC. Une compétition de dégustation par des dégustateurs de renommée internationale, des ateliers de chaîne de valeur et un forum de producteurs se déroulera avec des représentants des organisations de producteurs, du gouvernement, d'ONG internationales et des acheteurs internationaux auront pour objectif de soutenir la réémergence d'une industrie durable et pérenne du café de spécialité en République démocratique du Congo.


    Les points saillants et forts comprendront:


    • Concours du café de spécialité en utilisant les normes mondiales de Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), qui assurent la conformité à un système objectif, calibré et cohérent pour classer et évaluer les cafés.
    • Les organisations de production de café dans toute la RDC, qui répondent aux normes du café de spécialité, sont invitées à soumettre et déposer leurs échantillons.
    • Ateliers et discussions interactives avec les représentants des organisations de producteurs, du gouvernement, des ONG internationales et des acheteurs pour célébrer les progrès du secteur du café de spécialité et répondre aux principaux défis du développement continu de l'industrie du café congolais.


    Voici quelques informations importantes pour vous aider à commencer la

    planification de votre voyage.


    Se rendre à Bukavu:


    Il existe deux principales options de transport pour arriver à Bukavu:

    • Soit prendre un vol d’avion pour Kigali, au Rwanda, être conduit à Goma, en RDC, puis vous prenez un bateau de Goma à Bukavu.
    • Ou bien soit prendre un vol pour l'aéroport de Kamembe au Rwanda, qui est à environ 10 minutes en taxi de la frontière de la RDC à Bukavu.

    Logistique dans le pays


    Tout le transport pendant l'événement sera pré-arrangé, mais les participants sont responsables de leur hôtel, les petits déjeuners et les soupers. Veuillez nous contacter si vous souhaitez obtenir de l'aide pour les logements securissants.


    Programme de la Saveur du Kivu TBD


    Les participants qui prendront part à la conférence sur la chaîne de valeur et de l'industrie et à la compétition de dégustation devraient envisager d'arriver à Bukavu d'ici le 09 Juin. http://bizbet-turk.com



    Si vous avez des questions ou si vous avez besoin d'assistance, contactez-nous à saveurdukivu@